Christians Against Poverty is an award-winning debt management charity. CAP’s National Operations Centre is in Newcastle and there is a growing network of centres throughout Australia. Toowoomba Wesleyan is proud to work along side CAP to bring their expertise and this amazing service to our community.

Thousands of families in situations just like yours have already been released from the pressure of debt through a combination of advice, financial eduction, budgeting and/or insolvency services.

CAP’s unique and non-judgemental approach means you are supported all the way as you take each step out of debt and towards freedom.

If you’re struggling with debt, please give us a call or click the button below to contact us.


Summit Counselling is a centre that seeks to provide low cost counselling.
Our counsellors are qualified and registered.
Each session only costs $50.


Mapping our Community: It is our goal to connect with all the local services to be able to work with, support and bless.
Thanksgiving Day: Bless selected community groups with gifts of morning tea items etc.
Quarterly Plan of Blessing: Different groups are identified to give either Sweets, Fruit, Tim Tams, Coffee/Teas or Soups to the Staff to let them know they are valued.
Develop Awareness of needs: Angel Tree (Ministry to Prisoner’s families) Leprosy Mission and many others.


Kingsley College Training for Ministry: Courses are offered that can be done via Skype, Zoom and in class.
Internships offered here @ the church: An intern is offered a 3, 6 or 1 year experience to gain skills.
Work experience offered: This is a new area of interest.
Volunteer Training: At the beginning of the year, all leaders and volunteers are inducted with a training session.
This is mandatory training. There is ongoing induction throughout the year and training for every group incorporated into our program.


At Toowoomba Wesleyan Church, we value our multicultural community and we are excited to offer many programs to our community. We have a seasonal community garden, Cultural fellowship lunches and other community connection activities. Our services, leadership and mission is to include all cultures creating a third culture, a Kingdom Culture.

If you would like more information about our multicultural ministry, please contact us.


Door knocking: At times we engage in ministry to our community with the blessing of connection & a gift of biscuits.
Christmas Shortbread Distribution: We hand out 150+ shortbreads each year to homes just around the church property.
Alpha: We expect to hold Alpha once a year at least. Alpha is a great tool for people to explore faith.
One minute Testimony: We are developing this initiative to help everyone have a 1 minute testimony to share.