We have discovered the power of an online service for those who are shut-in, ill, away for work or travel or wish to engage in a different way.  We are keen to see how this could develop into a group of believers who connect, grow, serve and go in new and exploratory ways. 

As we progress with this idea,  we foresee that there could be quite a few who would like to make ONLINE their continuing church.  We would encourage them  to connect in the online forum,  share faith with friends in person / online,   read the Bible with others online,   participate in a Zoom small group meeting and serve in their local are as part of the Connect, Grow, Serve  &  Go aspects that unfold our Mission.

Our vision is still for celebrating every time a disciple makes a disciple and a church multiplies itself until there is the transforming presence of Jesus Christ in every community in the Darling Downs and beyond.   This vision is not limited by the Online aspect, in fact, it extends it.  We are excited as we see our resources being used to extend the Kingdom of God. 

This means of communicating through COVID is not the norm for most of the world with connecting as a church. We have been truly blessed at this time to have these resources. We must never however, take them for granted as they could easily be taken away from us with the flick of a switch.