Many small groups operate at the moment, with more anticipated. These are identified in our bulletin and in our welcome pack as extras.

Ministry to the Older and Wiser

Our seniors are an integral part of our church. We hold a coffee and games group,  coffee chats for those interested, some other interest groups including the Garden Club as well as occasional  Community Morning Teas around a subject of interest.


Valentines Day and Marriage Week: Marriage enrichment information by Video, speakers etc.


Women Alive: a Women’s event held from 9-1 in April each year. Women share their stories.
Empower Women: held around Mother’s Day—High Tea to build teams and empower Woman to make a difference
Women’s Retreat: Women are encouraged to attend a re- treat in August for the Wesleyan Women in our District on the Sunshine Coast.
SOS: Sharing our Skills, Sharing our Support and Sharing our Stories—End of Year
Women’s Bible Study: Contact us for more details.


Men’s Meet you at the Shed: Men’s Sheds with a speaker held quarterly in different locations.
Men’s Coffee Chat: A small group of men meet at a coffee shop to chat, discuss spiritual issues and support one another. Include men on the fringe of the church.
Men’s Bible Study: Thursday morning @ 6am, more groups anticipated.
Men’s Project Meets: Men meet for a designated project and then have a coffee.


Family Service: A service held quarterly that is aimed at our young ones using different media such as puppets, skits, quiz, songs, demonstrations, and tech to connect with our young people.
Sunday School: Held each Sunday of the school term in the hall. Children participate in the service until 9.50 approx and then go to Sunday School. Prep— Yr 6
Creche: Room is set up for Mothers to use with their babies. We have a roster set up to help with supervision.
Kids Club: for Primary-school aged kids, dinner is provided with games and story. Kids Club is held monthly 6-8pm at the church.


CRI: Christian Religious Instruction. If you are interested in this we offer support to those who teach in schools.
Chaplaincy Committees: Wilsonton High and Wilsonton Primary both have Chaplains that we support. 
Brekky Club: We support the Breakfast Club Initiative with helpers in both clubs.


Glow Youth: Is held though-out the school term for kids in Grade 7– 12
Drop In: For high schoolers on a Friday afternoon 3-4.30 throughout the school term.

Kids are free to ‘drop in’ after school, have discussion, play games and enjoy afternoon tea.
HS Camp: A District camp run for young people in SQ district. Usually held at Campsite @ Mapleton in Jun/ Jul
1/2 Day Holiday program for Youth: This is being looked at as an opportunity to connect with youth in a deeper way.


Young Adults Bible Study:  held on Wednesday/Thursday evenings.
Young Adults Social Events: these are social events to build relationships of friendship and connection with young adults.


Community Morning Teas are held each quarter with speakers from around the community including the Police, Law firms, Tourism with the Railways etc being invited to speak.  A free morning tea is provided. Everyone is welcome. Check our events page to see when our next event will be held.

Week of Prayer

At Toowoomba Wesleyan we have seen miracles, healing and interventions in people’s lives in response to prayer.  We meet each Tuesday at 12.00 at the church for prayer.  For the last 3 years we have held a week of prayer at the beginning of the month at noon at the church.  These will now be held quarterly.

You can also join our 24/7 prayer list that has a whole day filled with people praying for one hour each over a 24 hr period on the 18th of the month.

We also hold prayer and praise nights and are beginning to hold 1/2 day retreat for prayer.

You are welcome to let us know if you are interested in any of these initiatives.

RightNow Media

Think of RightNow Media as the Netflix of Christian videos. It’s a customizable video library for every person to grow more in Christ, equip families, resource groups and develop leaders. RightNow Media has been purchased by our church and given away for free to anyone who wants access to it!